About Us

Tradition and quality in the production of instant coffee.


Offer customers products and services that take advantage of our resources and synergy, respecting them and meeting their wishes, with ethics and excellence, seeking continued and balanced growth as a company.

  • Commitment;
  • Excellence;
  • Credibility;
  • Ethic;
  • Responsibility.
Policy of the IGC Group

We produce and sell soluble coffee, related products and services based on our resources and synergy, aiming to meet our own objectives in a balanced and sustainable manner.


Our policy is:

  • Comply with applicable legislation and requirements as well as compliance book;
  • Act based on our values: commitment, credibility, ethics, excellence and responsibility;
  • Assure quality, safety and authenticity of our products based on our food safety culture;
  • Promote labor health and safety;
  • Prevent and control atmospheric emissions, water and solid waste;
  • Maintain dialogue with interested parties (clients, suppliers, community, shareholders, government bodies, employees);
  • Implement initiatives that seek continuous improvement.
Our story

For over 50 years producing and exporting soluble coffee from Brazil to the world.


Foundation of Cia Iguaçu,
in Cornélio Procópio – Paraná
Led by the Miyamoto, Höffig and Ferreira de Castro families


Installation of the 1st Soluble Coffee Freeze-Drying Tunnel.


Official opening of the factory
Beginning of production and marketing activities.


Acquisition of 35% of the company’s capital by Marubeni
Consolidation of the company’s position in the international market


Implementation of the Pilot Plant
Allowed customization of blends for each client.


Cia Iguaçu becomes the
3rd largest exporter of Soluble Coffee in Brazil.


Construction of the Raw Material Warehouse
With 4,144 m² and the Fresh Brew Coffee Project (FBI), for double extraction and cold concentration of instant coffee.


Start Macsol S.A. in Campinas
Manufacture and shipment of freeze-dried soluble coffee – Joint venture between Grupo Iguaçu and Coca-Cola.


Implementation of the low temperature Spray Dryer.


Installation of Agglomerator and glass filling line.


Macsol transferred from Campinas to Cornélio Procópio.


1st Industrial Investment in a Foreign Country
Construction of a unit for roasting coffee and packaging instant coffee in Romania.


Biomass boiler inaugurated
Highly relevant initiative in sustainability. Cia Iguaçu started to use 85% of the energy required from renewable sources in its industrial park.


Inauguration of the 2nd Lyophilization Tunnel
Enabled the expansion of the production capacity of Freeze-dried Soluble Coffee.


Full acquisition of Marubeni
Marubeni Corporation acquired 100% of the shares of Cia Iguaçu, making it a privately held company.


commemoration of 50 years of the Company. Soluble Coffee Iguaçu


Inauguration of the 3rd Lyophilization Tunnel
Enabled the expansion of the production capacity of Freeze-dried Soluble Coffee.


New IGC brand and new factory in Vietnam.
Moment of expansion of an international company, of Brazilian origin, to new territories and markets, offering more possibilities to customers around the world.