Integrity and transparency for safe and effective management.

Our values of credibility and ethics are present in our compliance program.

The company’s values of credibility and ethics are present in our compliance program. One of the key factors of the program is that everyone is unconditionally committed to complying with all legislation applied to business carried out with all stakeholders, as well as its internal rules and procedures.

At Grupo IGC, the compliance system is made up of a series of rules that are written and approved in procedures, standards, instructions and manuals, which present an overview of the legal and moral aspects that guide our activities.


Code of ethics

To highlight the main legal and moral points to be complied with, the fundamental points of all the main legal and corporate regulations, have been summarized in our “Code of Ethics”.

It explains why we must have a code that guides the guidelines and standards of integrity and behavior that must be observed by all those who are part of our business, presenting guidelines applied to everyone who works with us regardless of the hierarchical level and position held in any organization.

Ethics Channel

The IGC Group created Corporate Compliance Committees made up of directors and representatives of the Company’s workers, with the aim of expanding the channels of communication between these committees and employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, the community and business partners, strengthening the activities of prevention and monitoring of compliance with the legal and behavioral items defined in our Code of Ethics.

This system is complemented by a direct telephone line (0800), e-mail address and website for receiving information on incidents that do not comply with the rules established in the Code of Ethics. The channel operates independently, operated by a renowned company, which will monitor any misconduct reported in these channels and its due treatment by the compliance committee.

Inform cases of legal and behavioral non-compliance in our “Ethics Channel”.